Day Reporting Center and Female Day Reporting Center

Making positive life changes


Day Reporting Center (Males)
Located at 11517 15th Ave., Lemoore CA
(559) 380-0800
Female Day Reporting Center (Females)
Located at 222 Keith Street, Hanford CA
(559) 583-7800



The DRC and FDRC serve to provide structure and skills to individuals struggling with a variety of social and criminal justice issues. Mental health and substance abuse co-occurring issues are addressed through individualized treatment by licensed and certified professionals. Participants will receive services that will empower them to:

New Male and Female Day Reporting Center in progress!

  • Abstain from alcohol and other drugs
  • Gain structure and stability
  • Change the way they think and behave
  • Gain new skills for living a responsible lifestyle
  • Gain vocational and educational opportunities
  • Restore relationships and strengthen families


Program components:

  • Assessment (substance use, mental health, and risk)
  • Individualized Treatment & Discharge planning
  • Intensive Case Management
  • Drug Screening/ Testing
  • Community Supervision
  • Psychological Assessment
  • Treatment based on the Risk Needs Responsivity Model



  • Must have a felony offense
  • 18+ years old
  • No PC 290 charges (sexual offenses)
  • No arson charges
  • No chronic health conditions that prohibit programming (must be medically able to program and ambulatory)
  • Must be on Probation or Sentenced
  • Amenable to treatment (determined by Reentry Staff)
  • Must be categorized by Kings County Probation Department as Moderate to High Risk per the SRNA assessment