Champions offers a series of classes in both English and Spanish using the nurturing Parenting Program and the Strengthening Families curriculum that help families build a stronger connection with each other. In these classes, participants learn about child development, how to communicate physical and emotional needs, establishing routines for regular family activities, and building family togetherness. 

The goal of Champions Parenting Program is to improve parenting practices as well as children’s resilience.  Depending on the course, classes meet one night a week for 16 weeks for 2 ½ hour.  Champions staff and volunteers facilitate the class and provide a light dinner and childcare for all participating families. 

Class includes a family meal, childcare for children ages 0 to 4, and educational materials.

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Celebrating Families

Offers a 16-week skill building educational program for ages 4 - 17 and their parents and caregivers. It incorporates addiction/ recovery concepts with healthy family living skills. Each session is fully –scripted with age appropriate exercise, handouts and activities sheets. 

Nurturing Parenting Program

Improve parenting skills, promote child development and healthy bonding, enhance parent child relationships to improve treatment outcomes & reduce risk of relapse, reduce developmental or abuse/neglect risks to children, strengthen relationships, and teaching appropriate parenting skills and techniques. 

Strengthening Father Involvement

Reduction in aggression and impulsivity in the parenting role, increased participation in the parenting role and responsibility taking, a greater empathy and moral sensitivity for their children, increased ability to cope with life stressors, increased support of the child's needs, decrease in child abuse and neglect, reduction in inter-generational criminality and violence, and a reduction in recidivism rates for men (including absence from children’s life or poor role modeling). 

Child Abuse Treatment

A 52– week group that is court order child abusers’ treatment program. Which utilizes evidence based curriculum and a specific format pursuant to the California Penal code for males and females. The curriculum will touch on child abuse & family violence, child abuse & neglect, and Responsible parent and drug use, abuse and addiction.