Parent-Based Services

Child Abuser's Treatment (CAT)- 52-Week Court-Orders Child Abusers' Treatment Program which utilizes Evidence-Based curriculum and a specific format pursuant to the California Penal Code for males and females.

Celebrating Families/Celebrando Familias (CF)- CPS approved family strengthening program for the whole family. Addressed maladaptive family dynamics and focuses on health of the family system. Services available in Hanford and Avenal.

Strengthening Father's Initiative (SFI)- CPS approved men's program designed to enhance fathers' positive involvement with their children.

Nurturing Parenting Programs- 16 week evidence-based parenting program for women, approved by the Courts and CPS.

Interpersonal Violence

Anger Management: 16 - 26 week program satisfying court, probation and parole requirements.

Batterers Intervention Program (BIP): 26 - 52 week court approved batterer's intervention program for adolescents and adults. Aimed at violence and aggression reduction for all relationships.

Youth Programs

Noble Youth/Joven Noble: Free program for youth to address gangs, violence, drugs and alcohol use, negative peer associations, poor boundaries, and other antisocial behaviors. Focused on helping break intergenerational cycles of violence. Helping youth become Noble young men and women.

Jail Services

A psychoeducational focused program aimed targeting criminal justice involved adults. Program classes include Nurturing Parenting, Strengthening Father Initiative, SUD (Substance Abuse Disorder) Psychoeducation, Domestic Violence/Relationship Psychoeducation, Anger Management and Case Management.

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