Committed to Family Reunification

Samuel’s House is a residential treatment program licensed by California Department of Health Care Services and designated as ASAM level 3.1 and 3.5. Also available at this location is withdrawal management ASAM level 3.2.

Samuel's House offers temporary housing in conjunction with treatment focused on family reunification and the physical, emotional, and spiritual wholeness of the individual. Working with the Champions Day Reporting Center and Female Day Reporting Center, the residential programs help individuals address their criminal thinking and behaviors, as well as their drug and alcohol use. An emphasis is placed on learning the necessary relapse prevention skills and accepting responsibility for making positive life changes. Participants receive services that will empower them to:


Champions Victory Garden is a certified 3000 square foot garden operated by the men of Samuel’s House. It is a way to get in touch with the Earth, nutrition, agriculture, and overall wellness.

  • Abstain from alcohol and other drugs

  • Gain structure and stability

  • Change the way they think and behave

  • Gain new skills for living a responsible lifestyle

  • Gain vocational and educational opportunities

  • Restore relationships and strengthen families

Required to Enter:

  • Medical clearance: TB